About us

A clean and radiant complexion will certainly make one feel prettier and more powerful. This is why a healthy skin is an absolute must for the well-being and confidence of a woman.

According to Ms. Ileana Mester, the founder of our company, all women should have access to quality cosmetics at a fair price. Pursuing this ideal with the conviction that nature elevates science with supplementary power, she has selected those plants that have special qualities to provide all that is necessary for modern skin care. Her daughter, Ms. Susana Laszlo, now head of the company, shares the same outlook on the development of high quality skin care products. The extracts of calendula, sage, sea buckthorn, green tea, aloe vera, argan oil, olive oil, magnolia or basil incorporated into Cosmetic Plant creams, emulsions and lotions enhance their skincare efficiency.

Founded in 1991 in Cluj-Napoca, Cosmetic Plant continues to be a family owned company and became one of the leading Romanian personal care producers. With its wide range of nature-inspired quality products, winners of several international awards & prizes, we stands by our lady customers, granting them the beauty and brilliance they deserve!