A pharmacist with over twenty years of experience in cosmetology, Ms. Ileana Mester, believed in the miraculous power of plants, and her conviction that nature can enhance the power of scientific results urged her to found the company Cosmetic Plant in 1991.

The beginning has certainly been difficult. She used to work alone, in a building of 35–40 square meters, with a first emulsifier manufactured from a huge metal pot by an engineer in Cluj. She produced small series of creams and provided them with handwritten labels.

The step towards a modern business was taken within 6 years, in 1997, when the company moved into a proper building and purchased professional equipment. Afterwards, each year a new piece of machinery was bought, stirrers, dosing machines, filling tools arrived and the business started to continuously expand.

2004 was an important moment in the evolution of Cosmetic Plant: the company obtained the ISO 9001:2000 certificate from Dekra Stuttgart, signaling a decisive qualitative achievement for Cosmetic Plant.

In 2007 the building of a new and modern facility was completed, to serve as the future headquarters of the company. As by that time the construction was too generous for our needs, it was let out, to be occupied only in 2013, when the factory, the warehouse and the administrative offices moved in. The investment project soaked up 750.000 euros, for a building of 1.700 useful square meters in total compliance to European standards for the manufacturing of cosmetic products.

Following the decease of Ms Mester, in the year 2009, the company has been led by her daughter, Ms Susana László.

In December 2013 we obtained our GMP Certification (Good Manufacturing Practices), in compliance to the ISO Standard 22716:2007.

In 2014 we have completed a project on renewing technology, co-financed by the European Fund for Regional Development. The two modern pieces of equipment acquired within the project have raised our production capacity by 70%, resulting in a yearly output of approximately 2,5 million products.

Technical innovation continued in 2015, with a project co-financed by the European Union, for the acquisition of other two modern pieces of equipment. Thus the Cosmetic Plant factory has received an automated line for filling tubes and a machine for filling sachets.