Fortifying shampoo with walnut and nettle (250 ml)

for all hair types

0% parabens, paraffins, dyes

The shampoo thoroughly cleans the hair without excessively drying the scalp. It leaves the hair full of volume and vitality, and it prevents the formation of dandruff owing to the carefully chosen active plant extracts. Nettle and burdock root extracts are famous for their anti-dandruff and wound-healing effect. Owing to their content in flavonoids, saponins and essential oils, walnut,  horsetail, rosemary and birch  extracts nourish and stimulate hair strands. The hair regains its natural beauty, remaining in better shape for longer.

How to use: Apply on wet hair and gently massage the foam onto your scalp. Leave it on for 3 to 5 minutes, then rinse. Apply again if necessary.

For greater nourishment, according to necessity, use in combination with the Fortifying conditioner with walnut and vitamin B6, the Toning hair lotion with chili pepper and / or the STOP! hair loss lotion with red clover.

Keep it out of your eyes! If it gets into your eyes, rinse immediately.