Eye contour cream with Q10 and green tea (30 ml)

Formulated to provide the optimal care for the skin around the eyes, the Eye contour cream Q10 and green tea enriched with a mineral complex, is a source of essential actives in the fight against premature aging. The active mineral complex (Ca, Mg, Cu, Zn) ensures the supply of minerals and electrolytes essential to enhancing the well-functioning of mitochondria, the energy factory of the cell. It improves cellular oxygenation and energy metabolism while limiting free radical production. The efficient combination of coenzyme Q10, natural ingredients (wheat germ oil, grape seed oil, almond oil, green tea extract), vitamins (A, E and B5) with the moisturizing active and the mineral filter, provides protection, hydration, and skin firmness.
Directions: Apply the cream daily in the morning and evening, on the area around the eyes. For best results, it is recommended using the cream in combination with the Anti-wrinkle day cream and the Anti-wrinkle night cream in the same range. Avoid contact with eyes!