Eye contour cream with honey and royal jelly (30 ml)

Especially created to care for the sensitive area around the eyes, the Eye contour cream stimulates skin regeneration and hydration thanks to the presence of honey, royal jelly and the vitamin complex (A, E, F and panthenol). Honey soothes, moisturizes and protects the skin through the sugars, vitamins, phenolic compounds and α-hydroxy acids it contains. Royal jelly is a natural product with a high content of nutrients (vitamins, amino acids, minerals), which stimulate the metabolism and delay skin aging. Grape seed oil, along with vitamins A, E, F, B5, compensates for the deficiency of lipids in the skin and maintains the optimal state of the hydrolipidic film.

Directions: Apply the cream in the morning and evening on the perfectly cleansed skin around the eyes, through gentle massage until completely absorbed. For optimal skin care use it in combination with the Smoothing day cream, the Revitalizing night cream, Moisturizing cleansing milk and the Moisturizing face mask in the same range.

Avoid contact with eyes!

Fragrance free!

0% parabens